How to Register, File & Form an LLC in Colorado


A limited liability company (LLC) is a powerful tool that you can use to protect yourself or your business. On this site, you will find information that can help you know more about LLCs and whether forming one is the right choice for you. I’m Mike Lustig, a Denver-based attorney and entrepreneur who provides entity formation services throughout Colorado. Read below or navigate through my site to learn more about LLCs.

What is an LLC? And, should I form one?
An LLC is a legal entity structure that offers many of the best features of corporations and partnerships. LLCs possess the limited liability and asset protection of a corporation with the managerial flexibility and asset privacy of a partnership. The type of entity that you choose to operate your business will determine your legal rights and liabilities as an owner/operator of that business. There are many reasons why an LLC could be the right choice for your next business venture. Learn more about the advantages of LLCs.

Why use a lawyer to form your new LLC?
Many steps are required to ensure you receive the full advantages that LLCs can offer. It is important to consider how your LLC will be managed, the rights and duties that each member will possess, and much more. Speaking with an attorney who can explain these issues to you can help eliminate potentially incompatible business partners and help avoid potential disputes in the future. Practical legal advice can provide you with a plan that meets your needs and protects your interests.

After you have a plan in place, it should be made legally binding through a custom operating agreement. The operating agreement is a legally binding document that explains your rights and duties as an LLC member and helps protect you from personal liability. Using an attorney to draft your operating agreement can give you the peace of mind that you are safeguarding your interests in a legally valid document that will hold up in court. Click here to learn more about operating agreements.

Why not just use a business formation website and save money?
Clearly stating your intentions in an operating agreement can protect you if you find yourself in a future legal dispute. Online LLC formation services offer their services at a lower price, but often cannot provide an adequate level of customization needed to provide this security. Not operated by Colorado attorneys, these services are not legally able to provide important advice regarding the effects of your LLC formation choices.

Why use Mike Lustig for your LLC needs?
I help business owners and investors meet their business formation needs from start to finish. I take the time to understand your needs and offer advice to help you develop a solid plan. After your plan is in place, I provide a highly customized operating agreement that states your intentions, secures your assets, and protects you from personal liability.

I provide efficient and cost effective solutions that can help establish and grow your business. Let me help you identify issues that can greatly affect the operation and management of your future enterprise. To learn more about the LLC formation process, and the specific services I can provide, click here. Contact me now for a free initial consultation.